VERY slow speed upon installation

I just had a new install for a 75Mbps plan. I tried out the speeds just after bidding my installer goodbye. I’m getting a whopping < 5Mbps! I have downloaded the Viasat browser and completed three speed tests. Where do I send these tests?

Hi, @Zed,

Thanks for your message and for taking the tests in the Viasat browser.

I can see the results. It seems that there is some issue with the Wi-Fi signal since the modem speeds are better.

Is the device far from the router? Could you try checking the speeds closer to the router?

I will check if other factors are affecting the speeds and once I have more feedback I’ll let you know.


Hi, @Zed,

I made an overall verification and at this moment there is no apparent issue. This is the last result I got from your modem:

Did you notice any improvements? Let me know if the speeds are better now. If not, please run a speed test as you did the last time.