Very poor reception

Download speed 87.7, upload speed 4.99

Hi @Doug,

Could you describe the problem you are having with your network?


32mb download and 3mb upload speed

Hey @Doug ,

I couldn’t find your e-mail on our systems. I’ve sent you a direct message asking for it so we can take a look.

Are the speeds the only issue you are having? Could you share with us the result of an advanced speed test? Here’s an article with instructions on how to run one: How to run a speed test from my modem?


It’s probably […] but I prefer […]

Hi @Doug I ran a speed test from your modem and am seeing good results:

Like Leo mentioned earlier, if you provide some details about the issue you are experiencing we might be able to take a deeper dive to figure out if there’s something wrong and also provide a recommendation. Thank you.

16.1 and 3.14, what more details do you need! This is lousy service.

Hi @Doug,

If you run the advanced check that Leo recommended earlier, you will get a set of results like on this example below. This will help us compare the speeds you get on your device to the speed you get on your modem, it might also help rule out Wi-Fi issues, and give us an insight on antenna signal quality.

From our end we can only run tests from your modem, and the speeds there look fine (see below), so you could really help us by running that advanced speed check and sharing the results with us.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

@Doug did you ever figure this out? It really seems like the speeds from your modem are excellent and so the problem is between your device and your modem/router. Just checking back in.