Help with download speeds

Hi we have 100MBP My Choice plan @ $199/ mo. We never get that speed. Viasat speed test from your corp website this morning shows 30.6 download and 1.3 mbps upload. Can you please check to see if our satellite is in misalignment or other modem / network issue?


Hi, @jevans,

Thanks for your message!

I’m investigating that now. When I have some feedback I’ll let you know.

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Hi @jevans ,

When you get a chance can you please run a complete speed diagnosis using the Viasat Browser? This will help us get a full reading on the speed situation and allow us to identify/rule out Wi-Fi issues.

I ask because from my end I can see good speeds coming from your modem:


The website you’re using is the correct SpeedCheck, but it only gives us the speeds from the device you’re using to access it.

When you run the tests from the Viasat browser, we can see “Speed from your device” and most importantly “Speed from your modem”, which is greatly useful to identify discrepancies in the speeds, such as in this example below:

You can download the Viasat Browser here:

  • After you install the browser, you need to be logged in on
    • To do that, click “Login” in the upper right corner of the menu, as indicated in the picture below.
    • The credentials for this login are the same as the ones you use for My Viasat.


I know this is a bit more cumbersome than just running a normal test, but the complete diagnosis helps us eliminate other factors.

Thank you,


From our end, I can see that your antenna is properly pointed, and your dish seems normal as well.

Do you happen to know the distance between the device you were using and where the Viasat Modem is installed?

This information won’t show for us on any test, so it would be good to know beforehand. :slight_smile: