Upgraded and speed is worse

Hello. I made the commitment to upgrade from 0-25 speed to 25-150 speed. After several days, the evidence indicates that this is not working well. I was told that my at-least-two-year-old equipment did not need to be replaced, when a month ago I was told that everything would be upgraded. Hence, I have no idea? What I do know is that my speeds are worse. There may be other factors involved, I do not know, and this is why I am submitting this. The history on my Viasat Speed Check hopefully will not be erased, as it does not indicate that I “upgraded.”
Looking for a bit of assistance, nothing more.

Hi @Humbertorz

It seems your antenna has been mispointed for a few days, this is most likely the cause of your slow speeds – everything else in your account is OK.

Do you recall if there was any recent bad weather event that could have misaligned your satellite dish?

We have a guide here on the forum to self-repoint your antenna, but if this is not possible, let us know and we’ll request a service call for you. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your prompt response. I live out in the country, I have always encountered bad weather since being a customer for nearly 4 years. It seems quite coincidental, this misdirection of satellite dish. I would absolutely welcome a service call, I am too broken to climb up a ladder.
Please advise soonest so I may be present for the service call.
Thank you much!

Hi @Humbertorz

All right, I’m requesting a service call for you. :slight_smile:

The Field Ops team will get in touch as soon as possible (using the phone number associated with your account) to schedule this visit directly with you.

Hi @Humbertorz

I see your tech visit was completed :tada:

How has your connection been since then?

Thank you for asking. The Tech explained everything thoroughly and showed me the data involved. The direction of the antenna is perfect, so my slow speeds are just part of what I have through ViaSat. It works as advertised around 6-7 am, after that it is less than 25, hence the speeds given during 9-5 are not optimum. It will be tough for me to perform work out of my home.