Impossibly low speeds

We still have lots of data but our speed for both upload and download is only about 5 Mbps. How do we get our system checked?

Hi @binary1

I’m sending you a private message to request some account info, as I couldn’t find you on our system with the email address used to sign up here on the Forum :slight_smile:

Hi @binary1

Thanks for the info, I found your account and am currently taking a look at your setup.

I see that you’ve already run some Modem vs. device Speed tests yesterday, that’s very helpful :wink:

It seems that your antenna is mispointed, which can result in degraded signal quality and much slower speeds than expected (and also cause damage to the cabling).

Are you able to follow this Self-repoint guide?

PS @binary1

If you’re unable to follow the self-repoint guide, please let us know, so that we can request a service call for you.

Alternatively, you can also request a tech visit due to an antenna mispoint with Customer Care at 855-463-9333.

Yes. I can repoint the antenna. It is easily accessible. I’m not home right now but I can do it tomorrow. Do you need to send me a key?

Got it, thanks for the info!

I’m sending you the install key in a private message. :slight_smile:

I got the key but repointing isn’t working well. In the coarse adjustment, I only get mostly the heartbeat sound. I do get another sound but I can’t stay on it. When I attempt the fine adjustment, I don’t see the bolt that they are using on our system. Do we need to just the antenna up or down? Not sure what to try now. I’m just using my cell phone as a hot spot.

Hi @binary1

All right, are you able to follow the video tutorial on VS2 Point and Peak - Full Demo » Viasat eGuide?

I’ve been following the video but I never get the steady tone that the technician gets. I can get a second tone (other than the heartbeat tone) but I can’t get the system to stay on it. Also, for the fine tune step, our system is different than the one in the video. We don’t have the bolt that he is adjusting.

Hi @binary1

My mistake, I believe yours should be this guide instead: VS1 - Point and Peak - Full Demo » Viasat eGuide

I’m following those steps but I never get a steady tone and I can’t stay on the anything other than the heartbeat tone. Also, as I mentioned, our system doesn’t have the bolt that the technician turns in the fine tuning section of the video.

We’re now off-line (I’m using my cell phone). What do I need to do now?

Hi @binary1

Sorry for the slow reply.

If the system and tools differ from the repointing guides, I think it’ll be safer if we request a service call.

I saw that your account has the EasyCare add-on, so this repoint will have no cost for you.

Thanks. I called Viasat last night. I have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow.

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Hi @binary1

All right, we’ll keep an eye on that service call and check back with you after it’s done! :slight_smile:

Viasat rescheduled our appointment but the tech came yesterday. Our speeds are higher but we were unable to watch a basketball game this afternoon. Well, we watched but the video kept stopping so we missed a good bit. The speed check shows higher values at the laptop than on the modem. Not sure how to interpret that. Our plan is for 25 mbps/ 150 gb. We have 31 gb left having lost a lot to failed videos and downloads that quit before finishing. What speed/quota would we have with Viasat’s new plan? We’re now thinking of moving to a different provider. We’ve been with Viasat since it was Wild Blue.

We’re going from bad to worse. This morning, I just got .8 for download and 4.4 for upload. It gave an error for the modem. Would upgrading to the new plan (with higher maximum speeds) help or would we still have the same speeds with our modem?

Hi @binary1

I’m sorry about this experience.

I’ve taken a look at your results and unfortunately, some of the modem tests gave an error on our side (probably related to what you mentioned about the modem speeds), but I can see that most of the device tests are very low.

I believe the agents from Customer Care could better answer that question.

Also, I can see that this plan is a bit old (seems to be from 2018?), so there may be many newer/cheaper plans in your region.

Whenever you have time, please give them a call at 855-463-9333 to check what plans are available in your region :slight_smile:

But my question is: if we switch to 75 mbps, will our speed improve or will we still have the same speed regardless of how high our top speed is?

Hi @binary1 ,

Upgrading your plan from 25 Mbps to 75 Mbps will indeed increase your speed. However, it’s essential to note that other factors such as Wi-Fi issues and peak hours of network congestion may still impact your speeds.

If it is possible for you, upgrading your speed is a beneficial option to consider.