Unusable speeds HELP

I have had Viasat for years and haven’t had much issues. Then a year ago, we cut our Direct TV plan. We are on Viasat 150GB plan. We have always been able to stay within plan generally, but in past few months we use up 100% of plan in first 3 days! NO, not from streaming too much, either. 30GB is used in first 30 min after new Viasat month starts, beginning at midnight and NOTHING is running! I have been watching this closely for several months and something is terribly wrong. I need serious help with modem troubleshooting. I wonder if its shot due to age, at least 7 y/o. ALSO, even with highspeed data used up, we have been able to watch tv fairly buffering free, until about 3 months ago, or actually exactly when my pricing for the 150GB plan jumped $30 with no perks for the customer. It now takes 1.5 hours to watch a 30 min show due to incessant buffering and freezing up. My speeds are as faint and reliable as a candle in the wind, and TRULY are measured in kbps when I run a speed test!! This is being throttled by Viasat to the point of non-existent. We are promised we wouldn’t be completely cut from standard data, but obviously we are. If I had a smattering of standard data, Id be very happy. I seriously may as well disconnect everything because no one can function like this.


Sorry about the slow reply.

I see that you have some posts in other threads and that you might be experiencing multiple issues, so I will try to summarize here so we can keep this thread as the main one for your case:

  • Your data is used up really fast
  • You experience buffering when streaming

You requested to be added to the Data Saver experiment and I just verified that the feature was successfully added to your account. This feature sets your video download speeds to 2.6 Mbps, which you can test using fast.com . Can you please test it when you get a chance and share the results with us?

Also, since you noticed that your data is being used up really fast, is it ok if we take a look at your usage data in order to identify any anomalies and provide a recommendation?

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I also noticed that you are out of priority (high-speed) data, so I went ahead and added an additional 30 GBs to your account. This is free of charge, please ignore any email you receive saying that you purchased this.



Yes please do. At last check, my speed with fast.com was 2.1. That was when it would let me watch a bit of tv last night. I’ll try that again.


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We were having the same issue. Do you still use Directv? We keep our receiver disconnected. The moment we hook it up to the internet it sucks up data like a hoover. The Data saver feature seems to have resolved our issue except with Amazon. Our TV has a built in Amazon app that doesn’t allow for changing video quality. The only way we can watch Amazon and not gobble up our data is to cast from a phone or tablet.

We cancelled direct tv and nothing is plugged in at all, except firestick. I’ve tried everything i can think of. Id almost rather give blood than reset my Modem, as it take up to 30 min to come back online. Thats why i really think i have a modem issue that needs looked into deeply.


I’m going to set your Data Saver a bit higher to see if this solves the buffering now that you have some high-speed data.

Is 4.5 Mbps all right?

This is the expected usage for each rate:


I’m running that usage report to check what’s going through your high-speed data so quickly and I’ll send my findings in a private message :wink:


I sent the usage reports over private message, please let me know if you don’t receive them.

Well, i just got an email saying that the 30GB you added yesterday is 100% used up this morning when i woke up. I turned on tv and it was buffering again. However after you boosted me, its perfect. Thank you! Now, the issue on data infuriates me. I know we go over limit, but i recently installed cell spot that allows us to get cell reception inside our berm home, which is concrete and underground. All our cells use cell data and no wifi for past couple months. I have no idea what that one using most of data. Freelance or something. Cant i block that in a Router? The only other item is our firestick.


I added some suggestions related to your data usage on the private message thread :smiley:

Hi there. Havent heard a thing about field team yet. Any word on your end?


Your service call just got assigned in the system about 10 minutes ago :smiley:

The team will probably call you later today (or at the most, tomorrow morning).


I see that your service call was completed successfully! :tada:

How has your connection been since then?

We actually haven’t been home yet. My husband had medical emergency and we’ve been in hospital 3 days. Daughter says its great though. I’ll know more later today when we get home. Frankly I’m so excited to check it out, I can barely contain myself! Thank you for all your help. I will be in touch soon.

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Oh no problem, I hope everything is OK over there :worried:

You’re very welcome, if you need any additional assistance let us know :wink:

I just hot home with husband from 3 days in hospital. Ok, im sending screen shot of fast.com. im i b disbelief. However, as i ran that, i was trying to watch a 30 min show and it has constantly buffered. Now what? Jeeze.

While im at it, what can be done or is needed to improve the ping? Maybe nothing needed.


That’s a very high video speed considering data saver should be activated for you. I’ve checked and some sort of bug might have happened as it was really inactive. I’ve already reactivated it for you at the speed of 4.5Mbps.

As for the buffering, if you find your video buffering again, please run an advanced speed check along with the fast.com one so that we can have a full view of your network at that point in time.

Lastly, unfortunately having a lower latency/ping via satellite internet is not possible due to physical limitations.


Here I go again. Buffering nonstop almost. Here are the 2 screen shots you requested. Im absolutely fit to be tied with this internet! My new data package starts over at midnight, I’ll monitor it with nothing running as i do every single month, and in the first 30 min I will use 30GB and it will still be buffering. I’ll bet my life savings that a fresh data month will do nothing to help the buffering.

Never does.