MODEM TShoot help

I need help troubleshooting my old modem. I have a new TPLINK Mesh Router so I know thats good. But my modem has never been replaced. I wonder if thats the culprit. I’m going to try to attach my speed tests under ViaSat Browser I just downloaded. It takes over an hour to stream a half hour show with all the buffering. Yes, I already know I’m over my 150GB plan. But up until 4 mo ago or so, standard data speeds have been sufficient to stream tv. This now is unusable. And, I have been closely been watching the exact amount of data used, beginning at 12:01am on my new month. Within 30 min, I have supposedly used 26 to 30GB of data and ALL 150GB for month is used up by day 3. This is absolutely not right. That is not a one off situation. It is EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I need help.
speed-check-results.csv (630 Bytes)


Sorry for the delay. I see that there is another topic for the same issue, so I’ll close this one and we can focus the conversation on the other one, ok?