Slow speed and poor picture quality

We’ve been with Viasat for almost 3 years. Never really had many issues till here lately. The video quality and speeds have gotten horrible. Not sure what to do.

Hi @jbmeister,

I’m sorry to hear about this bad experience.

I’ll be taking a look at your case and will come back with updates soon.

Thank you,

Hi @jbmeister,

Upon running a speed test from your modem I see good results:

I know this doesn’t represent the experience you’ve first mentioned.

Do you experience bad speeds all day long or in specific moments of the day?

Besides this question, I’d like to ask you to also run a few speed tests so I can see the speeds you are experiencing on your end. You can follow this tutorial: How to run a speed test from my modem?.

Please make sure to:
1 - Use the Viasat Browser
2 - Be logged in on the website

Please let me know once you’ve run a few tests.

Thank you,

Well there is the speed test.

Hi, @jbmeister,

We’re trying to adjust some configurations to improve your speeds.

By tomorrow we’ll have more updates.


We made some changes already.

When you have a chance, could you test the speeds and see if you find any improvements?