Slow and Expansive

Why is it that every post I read there slow and Expensive? That’s why everyone left HughesNet. Now there doing something about it and maybe I’ll have to see what.
12.1 MG WIFI Download and that was the best along with the 2.1 Up-load
That’s not right especially what I’m paying per month, $226.00 and some change. What a joke.
Matthew Kazmierski

Hi @kidkaz,

I’m sorry for this experience.

I’ve noticed this is your second post on this matter, and I’ve just responded to the previous one. To make sure we’re keeping everything organized and focused on your case, let’s combine our discussion there. I’ll close this post, so we’re all on the same page in one location.

Here is the link to the other post: WIFI Slow again

Thank you,