Slow Speeds Most of the Time

Was getting what seemed to be slow speeds…12mbs or lower download. But today when I checked the speed in the morning, I was getting all the way up to 90mbs download through the router and 100+ from the modem. When I went out for dinner and came back, the speed was 5mbs for download. What went wrong??? I was extremely happy to see the very fast speeds and was hoping that is what they would be all the time. I am getting better download speed from my cell phone data. If i could get the max speed even for a few minutes, should I not be able to get at least half of that on an average?2024-04-30T04:00:00Z2024-05-01T00:00:00Z

Hi @fdk46,

Sorry about the slow reply. I was looking at your Speed Check results and noticed the slower speeds around the evening hours. Unfortunately the evening hours are usually the time when the network is most congested so the speeds sometimes fluctuate around those times.

Have the slow speeds caused any issues with your experience around these times?



The download speeds now average around 20 and below. Every once in a while the download speed tests at 30 or so…but not as a rule. Why was I able to get download speeds 70 and higher for 1 and 1/2 days, but after that slow speeds? When it pegged out that one day, I know that the system is capable of at least half that.
Either the wind has got the dish out of alignment, or I have been throttled down with the bandwidth. I seem to be using about 4G per day…no where near the limit.
The test tonight was 9.63 download and 9.56 upload. I get better speeds from the data on my phone. Can you help?, or do I need to go with HughesNet??

Hi @fdk46 ,

Upon reviewing your setup, it appears that your dish alignment is correct and your data usage is within normal limits.

Could you provide more details about the times when your connection seems to fluctuate? And also, when do you typically use the internet the most? Understanding when you connectivity experience better or worse can help us identify potential congestion issues and solve it.


Hi @fdk46

Regarding your latest message on another topic (Extremely Slow Download Speeds):

As mentioned above, could you provide more details about the times when your connection seems to fluctuate?

Does this issue happen during the peak busy periods (evening, late afternoon) or 24/7?

I see that one of your latest Speedchecks averaged a very high speed from the modem, but less than 50% of that was received by your device:


Are you currently connected via Wi-Fi, or Ethernet? Does your device happen to be far away from the modem (another floor/level or in another room)?

I am currently connected to Netgear Nighthawk router that is in the same small room as the Viasat modem and my Dell laptop…all about 3 feet apart. I have tried using an ethernet cable, but the results are not any better.
Today around 8:00 am I was getting about 40mbs+ on download and 50mbs+ from the modem. As the day went on, the speed decreased quite a bit and now at 4 Pm I am only getting 25 mbs or lower from the modem.
Last night when I spoke with support, we noticed that what you get on the speed check is not what I vet using the Viasat Browser Speed Check. However, I also get slow readings using the Ookla Speed Test and also from my Netgear Speed Test.
Again, I know that weather will affect the speed and certain times of the day, bandwidth will possibly be a factor but should that be the case 25 days out of the month?
As you showed in your reply my download speed at that time was well over 100 mbs so can’t it be at least half of it at other times?

Hi @fdk46

We’ve identified a possible fix for your issue, and made some changes to your network configuration.

These changes will be in full effect exactly 1 hour from now.

After that, could you please run more speed tests, whenever possible?

Thank you!

3:20 PM EST…We are definitely on the right track. In fact, you might have fixed the problem.
I have just ran a couple of speed tests and even though a thunderstorm has just passed and the clouds are still pretty thick, I am getting somewhere around 57-58 mbps download and 10.0 upload from “my device” and from the modem I am getting 60-65 mbps download and 9-10 mbps upload. That is pretty good.
I will wait until the sky is clear to run additional speed tests to report.
On another note, is there a quick way to get to the forum without running a speed check and selecting other than “Good”?

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Hi @fdk46

You can always reach this Forum topic/conversation by accessing this link:

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I’m very glad to hear that!! We’re keeping an eye on your speeds from our side too, to verify whether this new config has been the solution.

You can keep running Speedchecks throughout the day if you’d like :slight_smile: