Poor internet. Worse than Hughes net and more expensive

I’m considering going back to Hughesnet unless Viasat can come up with better service and a lower cost.

Hello @genkedennis64,

Thanks for posting. Can you please describe what issues you have been experiencing with your Viasat service?

We are happy to help with the technical troubleshooting, just need an initial symptom to start looking.

Thank you.

Hi @genkedennis64,

I ran a speed test from your modem and see good speeds at the moment:

Hi @genkedennis64,

I also noticed that you are out of priority data, have you observed the issues happen once you run out of priority data or are they always present? We can add some additional GBs (free-of-charge) to troubleshoot the issue and better understand when and why they happen.

I listen to audio podcasts, no video and it buffers all the time. Doesn’t even pay to try to listen.

Hi @genkedennis64,

Like I mentioned earlier, it looks like you are out of priority data. When out of priority data, in your plan and location your download speeds will feel slower between 6pm and 11pm.

In order to test if this podcast buffering issue is happening because you are out of priority data, we went ahead and added 30 GBs of priority data to your account (free-of-charge). Could you please try streaming the podcast again and let us know if the issue persists?

Thank you,