Slow internet connection

I have only had Viasat for a couple weeks and I’m not impressed. It’s way overpriced and the internet is crap. I can never get anything to load and the data usage is outrageous.

Hi @Tiffanynichols21,

Sorry about this experience. I took a look at your account and ran a speed test from your modem and I’m seeing good speeds at the moment:

I also noticed that you are out of priority data, which could be affecting your DL speeds particularly in the evenings when the network is most congested, so I went ahead and added 20 GBs of additional data to your account (free-of-charge). Please let us know if the experience improves with this.



I got an email saying I will be charged for it.

Hi @Tiffanynichols21,

You will see an initial charge of $14.99 but then your account will be credited that same amount so it will be free for you - this will show up on your next bill.

Thank you,

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Hi @Tiffanynichols21 ,

How is your network after we added the priority data? If the experience has not improved please do not hesitate in letting us know and we’ll keep investigating.