On a Positive Note!

I have had some somewhat major issues w/ Viasat as of late that I will not bore you with. I must say however that thanks to Eric and Brian both of which work in the corporate office, my issues I think have been solved. Although my bill shows that I owe almost twice the amount that I actually owe, I received a voicemail with an apology saying that the amount billed was a mistake and they apologized that the bill was posted before they caught the mistake. They went on to say that only the owed amount will be deducted from my payment method on file as opposed to what the billing amount for the month of July reflects. I have been with this company now for 13 years and appreciate the fact that there are individuals within this company that do care and who do the right thing when there is an issue. I thank them. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi, @willtommyjones!

We know there are things to be improved, but thank you for your nice comment. The team is always trying to serve well.

And if you have any technical issues, please let us know :+1:

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