Technical Billing Error

When we first started with Viasat, we signed up for a plan that included a promotional price along with a stated non-promotional price. Future bills did not include the promotional price and after many calls to customer service, some credits got us close to our agree upon billing terms.

Recently though we learned that Viasat changed their price for our package, lowering the amount by $100. The lower price was not reflected in our recent bills since the price changed.

When calling customer service today at 5:33pm, the first representative offered a credit to adjust one month. This credit did not meet the difference in price from when the prices changed. When escalated to a supervisor, the supervisor pulled the offer for a credit.

Before jumping to further action, I learned this forum could be a place to receive assistance/guidance/answers. I’m concerned that our plan was technically not setup correctly from the beginning which is leading to further complications.

Thanks in advance for reviewing this post. Hope all is well wherever you might be reading this!

Hi @Jeffspain522,

Thank you for your post! I am going to have the team that manages billing look into this for you and I will get back to you with an update soon.


@Jeffspain522 it sounds like the billing and accounts team is trying to reach you. Let us know if you don’t hear from them soon.

Hi Cat and Peter-
Major appreciation for your follow up and follow through! I spoke with someone a few minutes ago and was able to resolve my matter. Feel free to consider this ticket closed. I hope you both (and anyone reading this) have a great weekend!

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