No Internet after Automatic Payment

I lost Internet the day after my regularly scheduled automatic payment was made. If I log into my account a red flag pops up saying payment past due. If I scroll lower it says payment received. I feel like there is a strong possibility that my service has been stopped due to a false “past due” flag in your system.
Unfortunately, you have chosen to farm out customer service to people who barely speak English and I can’t get them to understand.

Hi @lufkin56

Our system is currently showing that your April 12th bill is Unpaid, with a $-5 current balance and a $23 unbilled adjustment charge.

Unfortunately, here on the Forum we focus on solving technical issues, and these are Account/Billing issues that need a more in-depth investigation.

Whenever you have time, please call Customer Care for Residential Customers at 855-463-9333.

If possible, please also get in touch with your bank or your credit card’s issuer, to double-check if this payment actually went through.