Need faster upload speed

I just have a quick question. So far my service has been great. First modem the 24.g band went out. Service tech brought me a new modem everything seems to be okay. I have an ethernet connection on the modem because its required to work from home and Iam successfully to switch from 24.g wireless band to the 5G ethernet connection no problem! however for the job iam applying to that uses to check internet speed I get good results on the download side. I have tested both the 24.g and the 5.g but my upload speed on thier test is only 4.9. The job requirement is 10 for the upload speed. I have the choice 50 MBPS/100 GB plan and have 54.9 high speed data remaining. Is there a way to increase my upload speed to get from the 4.9 to the required 10? for the job to which iam applying for? So far Iam loving the service , just need to get to 10 on the upload speed. thanks so much! cynthia frye

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Hi, @suamico4,

Thanks for your message!

The current max advertised upload speed for residential customers is 3 Mbps and 4 Mbps for business plans.

Although a healthy network usually has around 4 to 7 Mbps of upload speed, unfortunately we can’t provide 10 Mbps.

I appreciate the information and your quick response! Again thanks so much!

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