Slow speeds with Ethernet

Having speed issues on my work/gaming desktop that has to connect through ethernet. Tested speeds with WIFI on my phone & getting 20-30mpbs download & 10 mbps upload depending where I’m at in the house. I’m getting only 11.7 download/9.9 upload while running 2 pc’s using little amount of internet on both & 2 phones connected through WIFI. On the same pc, tested shortly after with only this said pc using the internet two times. Speeds jumped to 31.6 download & 9.7 upload while the speed from my modem is 80+mbps the first test & 50.8 download & 11.3 upload with 98mbps from the modem. I figured with using an ethernet cable, I shouldn’t be losing so much speed between the modem & pc, even with multiple devices.

Hi @ratholosknight,

Sorry for the experience.

Is your modem currently turned on at the moment? On my end, it’s reporting as if your modem is turned off.

If so, could you please turn it on so I can take a better look on what might be causing your speed issues?

Yes its currently offline, went out during the storms/tornadoes we had the other night & hasnt came back online as of yesterday or this morning. Even with a reboot.

Hi @ratholosknight

It seems like the terrible weather on Friday has influenced your setup pretty badly.

Can you tell if the satellite dish is out of alignment? Storms usually cause the antenna to be mispointed. We could see that on our tools but your modem is totally down still.

Please let us know if the connection comes back up. We may need to request a service call otherwise.

Thank you!