Terrible performance

My regular performance is now faster to Upload a file than download. This problem has been going on for weeks! I need a resolution, and a credit on my account - as I am not getting anything close to what I am paying for. Very dissatisfied.

Latest test results attached.

speed-check-results-00a0bc6e3e80.csv (17.1 KB)


Hi @Rich ,

I apologize for the frustration you’ve experienced.

We understand that your area has a high volume of customers utilizing our service, leading to network congestion and slower speeds during peak usage times.

We are actively working on a solution, but it may take some time to implement. In the interim, I recommend connecting your devices directly to the modem using an Ethernet cable to potentially improve your connection speeds.

Thank you for your patience,

@Isabela, thanks for the reply. All of the reports I have submitted have been run from my work station, which is direct wired to the modem. Our wifi network is horrible too, but I understand the difference between the two.

I appreciate your honesty about over-selling the region - but that further underscore that your company owes me a credit - as I am being billed for a service and not receiving it. Frankly, I never have had performance equal to what is advertised. And I am paying more for this service than any other time in the 30 years I have been on the internet. It is completely unacceptable. I would appreciate a direct contact from a company representative to discuss that aspect further.


Hi @Rich

We’re having a look at your newer results to understand what happened after the previous network change we configured in your account.

Regarding the account and billing queries: whenever you have time, please call Customer Care for Residential Customers at 855-463-9333.

They can answer/escalate those requests. :slight_smile:

Hi again @Rich

We’ve made new changes to your network configuration. They’ll be in full effect later today.

Could you please run a few more speedchecks – if possible, during the day and evening?

Thank you!

Thank you. I am traveling until next week, so will need to check when I return. But I will post back with logs to show how things are doing.


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Hi @Rich

No problem.

Let us know when you’ve run the tests, and we can access your result history from our side :wink:


Finally back, have done a complete reset on my modem and pc. Latest results attached. Mediocre at best, not the <1 MB results I was seeing when I opened the ticket, but very far from what they should be as well.
speed-check-results-00a0bc6e3e80.csv (18.3 KB)

Hi @Rich ,

I’m sorry about your experience.

If possible, could you also perform a complete speed diagnosis? I see you have done it before. With this, we can assure your speeds are not being affected by any WiFi issue.

You can find the complete instructions on how to run it here: How to run a speed test from my modem?


@Isabela , hi - I always run my tests as described in that article. I never use WiFi when troubleshooting. Also, regardless of me running the test in the same manner, from the same machine, every time - only sporadically will it pickup the Viasat modem and run those diagnostics. I have no idea why… my firewall is set to allow all traffic for the Viasat Browser - as I do not use that for Internet browsing, only diagnostics. Latest results are attached as well as a screen shot of my view in the browser when I perform the tests.

speed-check-results-00a0bc6e3e80.csv (19.4 KB)

And just moments after submitting those results - it failed to connect to run the test again, twice, and then finally allowed another run to happen with lower results… this is just really all over the place…


Hi @Rich ,

This is unusual behavior, I have escalated your issue and will return to you as soon as I have more information about it.

Thanks for your patience,

@Rich , in the meanwhile, could you try to run the complete test through another device?
And also, could you try to do the test via WiFi to see if the Viasat Modem is detected?


@Rich ,

Are you able to access the modem page on

@Isabela - I am working on downloading the Viasat browser onto my Win11 laptop. Its telling me it is going to take over an hour to do so - this is directly wired to the modem with an ethernet cable…

I have a UPS for the power of the modem, but nothing on the coax cable between the dish & modem - so nothing to slow it down.

My modem is at - but yes I can bring up that login page and ping that address:


Once I get my laptop configured with the browser I can do tests from both wired & wifi. Will post back when I have something.

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Ok, here’s the latest logs. Last 3 entries are with my laptop. 2 hard wired, last one via wifi.
speed-check-results-00a0bc6e3e80.csv (20.6 KB)

Hi @Rich ,

Could you please access your modem page on a browser and send a screenshot here? I apologize for the extra work, but this will help me understand the issue better.


@Isabela - sure, here’s a screen capture off the “Router Settings” tab.

[admin’s note: image deleted due to sensible information.]

Hi @Rich ,

Thanks so much, I have escalated your issue and the team is working on solving it.

Just a last question, you are not by any chance using VPN right?

Correct @Isabela , I do not use VPN software.