My usual usage for a day is 1.5 mb this month it has doubled, why?

I have been with viasat for many years and have never used this much before. No TV steaming internet usage here TVs are not hooked up at all to internet. I have never seen so much data usage before.

Hi @peddlernpa

I can see that you’ve currently used 105 GB out of 150 GB total of high-speed data available, but your allowance resets in 4 days, so for now you’re still not out of data.


PS @peddlernpa I’ve received your request to be added to our Data Saver Feature Experiment :wink:

I’ll send you a private message later with all the details as soon as I’ve finished setting you up on the feature.

However, as you’ve mentioned that you don’t stream a lot, I think the usage investigation is still worthwhile – if you stream very little, then Data Saver may not be the solution as it only affects data usage from streaming apps.

Hi @peddlernpa

I’ve sent you a private message detailing what caused this big usage spike. Please let me know if you haven’t received it.

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Closing this topic as the poster’s original issue is being worked via private message.

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