Maxed out data usage in 2 days!

Wow- we were trying to watch TV 2 nights ago and just kept getting dropped. Finally decided to read a book! When I checked our daily usage it appeared we had used 60GB on that 1 night. We turned the TV on around 5PM; stream mostly and used YT TV and Netflix. No downloads, no games, no video calls, nothing else running except computers which should have been asleep.
Looking back to Aug. usage: approx. 30gb mostly over 5 days; typical day is 0.3gb (no one is home)
Sept. usage: approx. 12gb - no one there at all- background usage at 0.4gb/day?
Oct. usage: 60gb in 1 day for 3 hours of TV?
I checked all our devices, continued to unplug devises etc. The next day with no TV usage was 38gb.

My conclusion - the problem is not our devices or usage but a problem with Viasat. Somehow there is something that is clocking usage on our account when there is none. We are in a very remote location - no one around for 0.5 mile; router is password protected; changed it recently; and all the other posts of similar ilk point to Viasat- not the user.

So, were there changes made to Viasat equipment on your end in the last few months? I did call and speak with someone there in the AM and they mentioend devices we don’t even have plugged in! So, everyone gets tagged for usage of every app whetther they use it or not?

Guess we are looking for a new internet provider cuz I ain’t paying for service that overcharges me for things I am not even using…
Hope you can fix the problem. We have had Viasat for over 2 years- really stunning how this has changed.

Hi @gonzodoggies,

Sorry about this experience, we can certainly run some reports and look into what has been using up your data.

However, I tried to find your account in our system but couldn’t. I’ll send you a private message so that you can securely share some more info for us to find the right account.



Hi @gonzodoggies,

I added 30 GBs of extra data to your account while we troubleshoot this issue. This data is free of charge, so please ignore any email you receive saying that you purchased it.

Once you provide consent for us to look at your usage data we can run the report to identify what was using up your data.



Hi Nacho,
Just saw this email after the one saying I would be charged. Thanks for the generous offer! It is appreciated.
And honestly, there seems to be something very wrong…like sats are getting hacked or a “leak” somewhere. I have never seen anything like this and at home our data usage is minimal. Very starnge…

Hello @gonzodoggies ,

I ran a report on your usage data, and the spike you noticed on October 3 (and also October 4) which maxed out your data came from a Windows Device, specifically from the app OneDrive.

It used both your upload and download speed, so most likely some background synchronization was going on.

We can add another 30 GBs since this usage was unintended and unexpected.

We recommend checking the settings for the OneDrive app and turning off the automatic sync, as it can use immense amounts of data when doing this kind of background sync.

If you’re unsure how to do that, this topic can help you:

Thank you,