Internet speeds slow with high ping 636ms

This is my first month with ViaSat and I am very disappointed with my service. My internet is very slow. I mainly use my internet for work and the occasional gaming online, and I can’t game at all due to the high ping. Any help would be appreciated. Already looking into a new internet provider…

Hi @collinsims437 ,

Unfortunately, it’s normal for satellite connection to have higher latencies from 500ms to 700ms on average, due to the distance from the satellite to the ground. We can investigate it further to analyze if yours is constantly higher than normal but it is important for you to know that higher latencies are expected on a satellite connection, you should also try an Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi for better performance.

Besides that, we see you have used all your high-speed data in a short amount of time, that also explains your negative experience. If you allow, we can take a look at your usage report and inform you what has consumed so much of your data.


If you had done your homework before signing up with Viasat, you would have learned that high latency satellite internet is not good for gaming and also has much lower data limits than most terrestrial providers.

Hi @collinsims437

Please let us know if you’d like the team to take a look at your usage to verify what’s using up all your high-speed data.

Thank you!