Very Slow internet

The speed of our service is so slow we can barely even get emails, forget about streaming. I am not pleased at all with Viasat. it’s the worst internet I have used.

As soon as Elon Musk service becomes available in my area I am switching

Get with the times and stop limiting high speed data, that was an 90’s marketing scam.

We have had Viasat for a few years, with minimal complaints, but the last few weeks we can’t stream at all and trying to anything online is almost impossible.

Just ran the speed test and we were at 2.7 mbps for download and 0.2 mbps for uploads the first run - just did it again and download was 60 but upload dropped to 0. We pay for the unlimited Diamond 100 so over $300 a month for this? Checked our usage and we’ve used 75 gb of 300 with 12 days left. I hope you have some solutions or we’ll be looking at something else, this is absolutely unacceptable.

Hi @Jennifercl ,

Slow speeds and cannot stream I’ve created this post in order to better follow-up with your case and support you individually.