Improving upload speeds

I am new to Viasat. My download speeds are good, but my upload speeds at best are 5mbps. Is there any way to improve this? It’s affecting my ability to work from home (my phone calls are routed through my computer) which is the whole reason I invested in Viasat.

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Hi @MJMusolf,

The plan in which you are on secures upload speeds of up to 3 Mbps, so the 5 Mbps you are reporting is surpassing the advertised speed.

We definitely want to help you improve your experience, so could you please provide some more details about how you are routing your phone calls through your computer? Do you use any specific app?

Also, have you considered using Viasat Voice? Here are some details on it - VoIP Home Phone Service | Viasat



Thank you for your help.

I am running an ethernet cable from my Viasat modem to my computer and using the Viasat Browser.

Hi @MJMusolf,

Thanks for providing those details. But could you explain a little more about the issues with the experience?

How do you receive your calls on your computer? What are the issues you have experienced with these calls?

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My company uses a CRM called Hubspot which houses all our customer data. I am able to click on phone numbers and it automatically dials the number for me, records calls etc. The Hubspot recommendation is at least 10 mbps upload speeds. Currently when I try to make calls, I can hear the customer but they can’t hear me, I’m told I’m breaking up etc.

This was never a problem with my previous ISP at my old house.

Hi @MJMusolf,

Thanks for the details.

Unfortunately, our plans at the moment only offer upload speeds up to 3 Mbps. So it isn’t possible to increase your upload to the 10 Mbps that Hubspot recommends.

However, I see that the Hubspot platform might allow you to place calls from the browser OR from a phone? in your company’s instance of Hubspot, do you have this option (see below) to call from a phone instead of from the browser?

If you do, then you might be able to use Viasat Voice to place your calls, which over satellite is known to provide a better calling experience compared to Web Real Time Communications alternatives.

I didn’t even realize that was an option!! Thank You!

You’re welcome. And please let us know if that works better :slight_smile: