Devices dropping

We have not lost power and not lost ViaSat signal but our devices just keep dropping. Wondering if I need a new gateway modem. I rebooted the device and some reconnect but why does this keep happening.

Hi @kdhommer

I checked your account and there seems to be no inherent issue with your setup.
Your modem speeds are also very high:

Are these devices which keep dropping far away from the modem, and/or accessing the 5.0 GHz network?

No. The thermostat is right on the wall behind the viasat Gateway and the other device is about 15 feet from that. I think they are connected to the 2.4….they are low demand devices. But something keeps happening that it drops all the devices and I have to reboot to get them online again about once every two weeks. Sometimes more often.

Hi @kdhommer

Do you use any external Routers/Wi-Fi Mesh besides the Viasat Modem?

We do have a Mesh now to see if it would bypass the issues with dropping the connections but it dropped the Mesh too. It just keeps dropping connections. Do you think it is a defect with the Modem? I think it must be if it is not normal for this to be happening. This has been going on for 5 months now. What can ViaSat do to fix this if you cannot figure out why it is doing this to begin with?

Hi @kdhommer

So all your devices are currently connected to the Mesh because they were dropping when using only the Viasat modem, but the drops continued after the Mesh anyhow, correct?

Do these drops happen at more or less the same hour, or is it random?

They all seem to happen at the same time, but random intervals. They all got dropped Feb 8th between 9 pm and 3 AM central time. I was able to reboot the system, which reconnected the mesh and slowly all the devices came back online and I can see each of them on the Mesh app.

Odd maybe you can look back at a log file during that time period and see what the machine is doing. I did not get any notifications from viasat saying the modem was disconnected not anything from our power company saying there had been any outage.

Is there a log file someone can look at to see what happened?

Hi @kdhommer

I believe this may be a latency issue. On Viasat Shield, I see for example that one of your devices is a Blink from Amazon, which does not support satellite connections.

I can check whether the others fall under the same condition, if you know the model of the devices.

On February 8th, there were no network entries, offline events, or mispoints/bad weather events on your account.

Your modem is pretty healthy and your outside unit is OK so far, too…

So I’m investigating if this all has to do with latency. :confused:

I noticed you’ve been with Viasat since 08/2023 – has this issue of the devices dropping always happened, or is it more of a recent thing?