Wifi keeps dropping

I’m having the same problem as [Gcslappel]. I have the Surfbeam 2+ and my Wi-Fi keeps dropping again and again all day long. It stays out for a few minutes then comes back on. Resetting or rebooting the modem has no effect on the problem. It becomes frustrating especially since I’m on the 300GB/unlimited plan. The answer to Gcslappel is, it appears to be an issue with the modem. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @charvilfarm ,

Thanks for your contact. I’d like to ask some questions to better understand the problem and investigate:

  1. Is the modem turned off when the Wi-Fi drops? If it stays turned on, how do the lights look?
  2. Does this happen across multiple devices?
  3. Does this happen consistently during the day?
  4. Are you able to use an ethernet cable with one of your devices? If so, when you are using an ethernet cable does it still happen?
  5. Can you please share an advanced speed test ran from speedcheck.viasat.com ? Here’s an article with detailed instructions: How to run a speed test from my modem?

I understand this is a lot of questions but these will help us figure out more accurately what the issue might be.


@charvilfarm looking at our monitoring, it definitely seems like there is some kind of problem with your modem. We’re sorry for the slow response but we’re working to root cause and figure out a fix.

@charvilfarm Are you using the 2.4 GHz SSID? Does the problem happen when you use the 5 GHz one?

Hey @charvilfarm!

Just wanted to check in on your situation. Have things improved? did you try out the 5ghz SSID?

Please let us know how things are doing so we can keep assisting you!

Sorry for the late reply. After spending almost 2 hours on the phone, the tech rep finally said something was wrong with the modem. As he started to a service visit, his supervisor did something (I think it was an IP and DHCP refresh something like that) and it seems to have worked for now. Will advise if the situation arises again.
Only thing I don’t like about this modem is it only operates in 2.4 OR 5.0 . i.e. if I have 2.4 devices and 5.0 devices connected at the same time and the modem is set to 2.4, the 5.0 devises won’t work and visa-versa. The prior modem operated in both 2.4 and 5.0 at the same time so you could connect to either one at the same time. I didn’t have to manual switch the modem network signal. Now my printers won’t work unless I switch the network to 5.0 but when I do, all my 2.4 devices won’t connect. Pain in the butt.

Thanks @charvilfarm. I’m going to repost your 2.4 or 5.0 question to a new thread and I will mention you there. That way we can keep the topics separate.

@Gregorio Can we try to find out what the supervisor did exactly and repost it here as the solution so it benefits others who report the same symptoms?

Quick update on how this issue was resolved:

DHCP was enabled and the IP was renewed.