Data Saver speed change request

You activated the Data Saver feature for me 4 days ago at the 2.6 Mbps rate and my average speed using is 2.4. Whenever I select a 720 video resolution on my video streams it displays choppy video and audio so I must step back to 480. I guess I need to request that you set it to 4.5 Mbps (one of the choices that you sited) in order to be able to utilize the 720 video resolution. So unless you have another solution please set it to 4.5 Mbps.

Hi @bagster,

In general, that speed should be enough to watch a 720p video on YouTube but that could vary upon several different factors.

The recommendations I can suggest are:

  • Turn off any VPN if you are connected to one
  • Get closer to your router or try an ethernet connection
  • Avoid other usages while watching the video
  • Connect fewer devices to your network

Regardless of these recommendations, I just changed your speed to 4.5Mbps, please check on if you’re able to see that modification.

I hope this is enough to solve your issue, if you decide to come back to your previous speed just let us know at any moment.

Thank you,

Hi avnerjose,
Thanks for getting back to me on this and thanks for the suggestions. I do not use any VPN’s and I am already using an ethernet connection. We do have a lot of devices on our network though.

Thanks for boosting us up to 4.5Mbps. We will try that for a while and see how it goes. I just ran numerous speed tests with and came up with a range from 4.0-4.3Mbps. I’ll keep you posted.
Thanks again

Hi @bagster,

Thank you for the reply.

I hope this change is enough to provide you with a better experience.
Please indeed keep us posted, we are happy to receive any feedback.

Best regards,