Once again...stalled

I have had this issue before and thought it was resolved but now i an not so sure. My speed test says I should have great streaming but i am not able to watch ANYTHING! A 10 min YouTube video can’t buffer enough to be watched much less a recorded Hulu show and i would hate to try streaming a Netflix movie or actually watch something live.
With a download speed of 60.74 Mbps there is no reason i should be having so much trouble but why can’t i watch anything?

Hi @jaydadawnbowden

I see that you’re currently using our Data Saver feature at the speed of 2.6 Mbps – so the above speeds aren’t influencing your video streaming applications at all, even though they are high.

With Data Saver turned on at the lowest rate, you can encounter buffering on some streaming apps. We can try other rates if you’d like :slight_smile:

This is the expected usage for each rate:


You can change the speeds of Data Saver on your own profile page, using this link:

Profile - jaydadawnbowden - Viasat Support Forum

Or we can change it for you, on our end.

have you crossed the 850GB soft cap yet? If you did that could be a reason. Or it could be dependant on how many devices you have connected to the network.

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Hi @stephenmartyr82

Thanks for the input! :slight_smile:

This customer is not part of the Unleashed plan and is currently not over their monthly data allowance.

A good point!

Do you happen to have a lot of devices connected to this exact Wi-Fi, @jaydadawnbowden ?

sorry I wasn’t aware they weren’t part of the Unleashed plan. In that case then, with any of the data limit packages you will run into buffering issues when watching videos. When I was on one of those plans I found it best to watch videos at no more than 240p to prevent buffering. That meant that youtube was the only way to watch, as that’s the only app that lets you change the resolution of videos. All the streaming apps have resolutions locked the 720p or higher, and consume a lot of data quickly. I think the rate is like 600MB-1.2GB per hour.

Ok. But even with the data saver I have been happily watching anything and everything. Suddenly last night while watching a simple YouTube video things were going along fine then it would freeze and if I would forward 10 seconds it would play again fine for 30-45 seconds and freeze. I finally gave up watching on my Roku and had to watch on my little android tablet mostly because tablets are far less discerning about internet quality. Then everything ran fine.

This morning everything acted fine. It is almost as if my internet was struggling because the bandwidth could not keep up with demand…if I am still within my monthly usage that should not impact me…but clearly it is.

Hi @jaydadawnbowden

There was a massive signal drop yesterday during the night, which seems to have been caused by bad weather around the gateway.

Other subscribers in your network region suffered similar drops last evening, and a few this morning.

Do you recall the hour in which you first noticed the freezing issue, last night?

It would have been somewhere around 9:30pm but also occurred tonight as well at around the same time. It is interesting that 2 nights Iin a row it occurred and during storms that resulted in tornadoes never resulted in a single hiccup. I just hope it doesn’t continue to be an issue.

Hi @jaydadawnbowden

With the way satellite connections work, it’s possible to be affected by bad weather around the gateway for your network region, and not necessarily weather that is occurring in your physical area.

The gateway is a ground station that transmits data from the satellite to a particular region.

This article offers a more in-depth explanation: What to know about weather and satellite internet - Viasat

I was thinking more about the tornado type weather in the Ohio River Vally and all over the Midwest last month while here in New York we had much less severe weather systems. During those weather systems I had minimal trouble with my internet yet now I struggle at what I would consider high volume times…Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday between 7pm and 11pm. At least this is when I notice the biggest drop and when I find that if there is going to be serious lags they will occur.

My guess is that it isn’t weather or other interference, but more an issue of available bandwidth per user…or at least that is what seems most logical what I have not used all of my high speed data and am getting speeds in the 60 Mbps range?

Hi @jaydadawnbowden,

According to your message you’ve been encountering these issues with streaming almost daily, is this correct?

Have you run speed checks at these times to document what speeds you’ve been getting?


Not until the freezing started the day I started this discussion. And once again it isn’t Thursday yet so I won’t know if it will happen again

Hi @jaydadawnbowden ,

Thank you for your reply. If it worsens again please let us know and try running a few advanced speed checks during any period when the service worsens.


Will do…assuming I can, sometimes it is so bad I can’t even get my phone or tablet to connect