Cancelation fee?

What is up with being charged $349.37 for canceling service within 30 days?? Our service has been terrible, I was told that I could cancel within 30 days without a fee, and I called to cancel before week 3. I called and was told that there wasn’t a supervisor I could talk to. Can anyone look into this?? Paying $349.37 on top of the monthly bill, instillation charge, etc is ridiculous.

Hi, @lminesin,

Thanks for your message. I’ll check with the team, and as soon as I have some feedback I’ll let you know.

Thank you. The person I spoke to on 11/17 gave me case number 08964758 and I was told that someone would reach out to me, but I never received anything but did receive a billing email this morning.

Hi @lminesin ,

I spoke with the Customer Service team that has your case number 08964758 – they are unfortunately a bit behind on schedule, but are still actively looking into it.

Could I ask you to wait a few more days for their resolution regarding your cancellation fees?

Yes, thank you very much for responding.

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Hello, any update? The email I received on 11/28 said that they would charge my card in 10 days and that time is coming up this week

Hi @lminesin ,

I just messaged them again about an hour ago, but unfortunately no updates yet. :confused:
I’m re-sending the message right now, and I’ve told them about the pending charge for December 08.

By the way, if the team manages to waive your early termination fees, that charge will be reimbursed even if it does go through on your card.

Hi again @lminesin ,

I heard back from the team this morning, and they explained things to me in depth:

Viasat really doesn’t have a trial period, part of the reason being the high cost of installation by attaching a satellite dish to a residence. You don’t sign your service contract or pay your first bill until the equipment is installed and tested by the technician.

To cancel your service with Viasat before the 24-month term is up, you need to pay $15 a month for each month left on the contract. If it is within the first month you want to cancel, then the Early Termination Fee is $360.

When you do ask for the disconnect, you need to return any equipment leased within 30 days of the cancelation (the Customer Care team sends you the instructions).

PS – I believe if you check the very first page of your contract, you will see the section “Minimum Service Commitment”, which speaks more about the 24-month minimum service term.

The cost of installing the equipment?? I paid an installer $99 to have it put in, Viasat didn’t pay for it. To have bad service for 2 weeks and be charged to cancel is ridiculous. I will be posting on all social media - our personal accounts and 2 business accounts - our local town Facebook pages, BBB, etc on how bad the service is, how bad the customer service is, etc I may loose $300 but make sure whoever you are talking to knows that they will lose a lot more than that in me stating how bad of a company this is.

I did see the minimum contract info however the person I spoke with stated that if the service was not adequate then that could be waived. Obviously I was lied and misled.

Hi @lminesin ,

Was your install on October 24 not done by a Viasat technician?

Do you mean someone over the Customer Care line or the person installing mentioned this?

I see that you’re on a Clearlink partner account – was the service installed by them?

It was installed on 10/27 by A “Gerrald Installations” and I paid $99

Did you acquire your Viasat internet service plan directly from Viasat or did Gerrald Installations sell you the plan?

The standard installation for a Viasat plan is free for most areas – but on checkout, the website will tell you while inputting your area, if you actually will require an installation fee (in the exact amount of $99).

So that unfortunately is also correct… that’s why I ask if you purchased your plan directly from the Viasat website (where you would have received this warning, and also not been shown any mention of a trial period), or from other 3rd party providers.

Yes, so I am out of the $99 installation fee, $180 monthly fee, and $360 termination fee for about 2 weeks of very bad service that we couldn’t even use to run our online business - which we only have a Godaddy site - it should not have taken all the data and had such bad service.

I know a supervisor can waive the termination fee, is there a supervisor I can be in contact with? This is completely ridiculous.

Hi @lminesin

The team that handles waivers of Early Termination Fees is the one that already has your case, and the criteria they use for most waivers don’t match your exact situation.

But you can try to open another case on the Customer Care hotline (855-463-9333) with an agent, and ask them to double-check if you don’t match any of the waiver criteria that we currently have on the system.

It’s worth mentioning that you did see the contract with the minimum of 24 months and the install technician told you that this could be “waived if service was not adequate” (also not a Viasat practice unless the service is affected by a natural disaster, which is not the case).

I understand your frustration and I hope a supervisor at Customer Care can take a closer look at your case. We unfortunately are tied to the waiver criteria. :confused:

This is the same situation I’m having! I am very upset with Viasat. I called customer service on 1/28 and the sent me the “escalation team” to discuss waiving the early termination. My service ended yesterday and I woke up to a bill of $327. I called them and they tell me they don’t have an escalation team nor do they see a ticket that was generated in 1/28! so now supposedly another ticket has been opened today. LIES ALL LIES!!!