Buffering problems

I’m having issues with my connectivity. I’m trying to do training for work and I’m having trouble watching 1 and 2 minute videos. This isn’t just on WiFi, I’m connected to the modem and it’s still buffering and sometimes not loading at all.

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We’ll take a look in the morning. It’ll probably be helpful to run https://speedcheck.viasat.com and report that and, since you mention problems with videos, Fast.com (which uses Netflix servers and so gives us a read on video speeds) as well.



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I’ve gotten 2 that couldn’t connect. It looks like upload issues.

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Yes that’s no good. We’ll check it out and report back in the morning. Hope we can figure out what’s going on and fix it.

I just wanted to let you know that we ran a test remotely from your modem and are seeing very slow upload speeds – though download speed is fine:

We are digging more today and will let you know shortly what can be done about it. Sorry for our slowness in responding.

@MrMarc I would like to rule out the fact that you are out of priority data so we are going to give you a free credit of 20 GBs of priority data. Then we’re going to re-run the remote speedtest to see if the upload speed improves. Just letting you know that you should see those GBs show up on your account.


@MrMarc those are terribly slow but you still have no priority data. In order to tackle one issue at a time, we will try to credit you some priority data and then run speedtests and root cause the slow speeds.

After we have (hopefully) resolved your speed issue with priority data, we can look at your usage and make suggestions on how to make it last longer as well as debug your poor speeds when you have no priority data remaining.

Hope that makes sense.

Hi @MrMarc, yesterday we gave you a data refill to see if that would improve the experience. We ran some speed tests from your modem and do see an improvement in the download speeds, but the upload seems consistently below 1 Mbps - we will continue to dig into the issue.

Hi @MrMarc, we are seeing consistently bad upload speeds and these seem to be due to congestion. However, we’ll keep looking into the issue and hope to have a recommendation tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

Hello @MrMarc

Just wanted to follow up on this issue and let you know that we are exploring a few different options for what can be done in your situation. Thank you so much for being so patient!


The traffic engineering team acknowledges the problem and is working to improve it. I know that’s not what you want to hear but it is a step in the right direction. Hope to have better news soon.


@MrMarc can you run another speedtest now? I’m being told that the team has applied a fix for the bad upload speeds that should have taken effect already. Let us know.



Hi @MrMarc from our end it seems like the upload speeds have improved a lot compared to what we were seeing before. Have you noticed any differences in the experience?