Continuing problem with slow speeds

I’ve reported this issue and heard from Nacho and Leonardo. But it takes days to get a response and in the meantime it’s impossible to stream any video content on our streaming services. All we get is buffering and eventually the video stops.

I’ve sent CSV reports of the speed tests I’ve run from both a Mac desktop (hard wired to mdoem)and the modem. We rarely get to the promised 30 Mbps level. If we’re lucky we get about 10 Mbps on the Mac and maybe 20 on the modem test.

You need to figure out what’s happening and get it fixed. Or we’ll just find another service provider.

Hi @tnag78,

Thank you for posting on the forum. I will look into your account/internet speeds and get back to you with an update by tomorrow afternoon. We appreciate your patience and hope that we will be able to help improve your situation and experiences with Viasat internet.

Thank you,

@tnag78 We are meeting with the team to get a full understanding of your bad experience and what has been done to fix it. In the meantime, I have a question about the speedtest results you shared.

You sent these speed tests to document the problem you are experiencing:

timestamp Download speed (Device) Download speed (Modem)
2023-06-05T19:40:17.848Z 12.82 28.798416
2023-06-05T19:37:08.322Z 11.84 18.372464
2023-06-05T13:31:14.200Z 39.83 43.88008533
2023-06-05T13:29:40.376Z 19.65
2023-06-04T13:03:10.023Z 4.39
2023-06-04T00:44:29.725Z 9.21 10.905296
2023-06-04T00:42:39.822Z 6.31
2023-06-04T00:41:41.600Z 10.37

Those tests show your download speeds varying a lot but also sometimes there is no result for the speedtest from the modem. Do you know why this is? Those tests really help as it allows us to find problems that might exist between the device and modem.



Buffering all the time, especially on Prime Video. Never had this problem before and I am paying for good speed and barely getting 2 Mbps most of the time. Someone please fix this problem.

Hi @bushmaster18,

Sorry about this experience. I created a new topic to keep better track of your issue here - Buffering especially on Prime Video

I've reported this issue multiple times. It gets better for a few days than back to slow download speeds. We rarely exceed 20 Mbps and often are under 10 Mbps. We're supposed to get speeds up to 100 Mbps ( we have the 300 GB plan) but that NEVER happens. We're ecstatic when the speed is over 20 Mbps. Why can't you help us get satisfactory speeds every day. We understand that storms can effect the speed but it's clear right now and our speed sucks.

Stupidly I turned down Starlink when I had the opportunity to get that service but we were getting reasonable speeds when I had to make the choice (speeds around 20 Mbps). I guess I need to sign up for Starlink again because y’all never do anything to fix the problem. We pay you $9 a month for Easy Care service and y’all have never sent a tech out to see if t’s a hardware problem or the dish needs to be realigned…

  • Problem description: Slow download speeds
  • What were you doing?: Browsing the internet (banking, shopping, etc)

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