Account Access unsuccessful

Have not been able to access my account since we signed up 3 months ago. EasyCare agents are friendly but unable to correct the problem after 3 calls. Would like to see my data usage and check if Video Extender is enabled. Just read several posts in the Forum about slow speeds and that is one issue I cannot determine without account access.


We were unable to retrieve your account info. Please try again later.

Just to be clear, you are referring to on the web or the My Viasat app, correct?

Also, is this link helpful? How Does One Get Data Usage Information


Also, the link will be helpful once I can log in to my account.


John B.

Have you seen the above link on registering for My Viasat for the first time?

Do you need me to send your account number? I found an account associated with your email and I can send it to you via direct message if needed.

I registered in November, the installer helped with setup. This is what I get when trying to log-in.

Ok got it we are working on this.

Hi jboerefyn,

We’ve heard back from the relevant personnel and they’ve made the necessary operations, so you should now be able to use your registered Viasat e-mail as your login. Can you please try to log on to your “My Viasat” account using that e-mail and confirm if it works?


Hallelujah, it works. Muchas gracias!

John Boerefyn

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Great. Sorry it took so long! Please post here if you have any issues with your service.