How Does One Get Data Usage Information

How does one find data usage on the Viasat website? There is no longer a tab for that. With a 10 gig max with my plan, I need to check that periodically. Thanks for any assistance.

Hi there Joe! Thanks for contacting us and welcome to the forum!

I see you have some questions regarding checking your data usage, so I prepared this handy step-by-step for you.

  1. When you’ve logged in to your “My Viasat” account, you will see the following screen, click on the"plan and usage" tab
  2. In the image below you can see the places where you can find your desired information marked!

In case you are having any issues with these steps please don’t hesitate to reply here and we will be more than happy to continue helping you!

Login was the problem. I have a user name and password for Exede, but not Viasat. The Exede password does not work. Do I click on Forgot Password or Create
Account? Thank you.


Joseph Darrow

Hey Joseph!

That’s odd since the login and password for My Viasat should be the ones you used to log on to the forum, so it’s surprising these same credentials didn’t work. Could you kindly confirm if you tried logging in to My Viasat via the web browser through this page or the app?

Thank you Leo. That worked. I have My Viasat bookmarked now. Thanks again.


Joseph Darrow

Within your account, there should be a section that displays your data usage, which can be crucial for lead enrichment and understanding your usage patterns. This section may be labeled as “Data Usage,” “Usage Details,” “Plan and Usage,” or something similar related to lead enrichment. Click on the relevant link or tab to access your data usage information for both tracking your data consumption and potentially optimizing your lead enrichment strategy. You should be able to see how much data you’ve used in your billing cycle and how much is remaining, which is valuable information for managing your internet plan and your lead enrichment efforts.