I have not been able to login to my account

I have not been able to login to my account since I first signed up for inernet service

Hi jdbro1250,

Thank you for your contact! I will investigate if there’s anything wrong with your account, and as soon as I have any updates I will let you know!


Just to confirm @jdbro1250 – did you register for your My Viasat account online when you did sign up for Internet? We are seeing no username for you so first thing to verify is that you did in fact register. Here is a link for you: Viasat Residential Internet Help.

At the same time, we are checking with the team that manages these accounts but have not heard back yet.

@jdbro1250 there was a problem on our end that the team just fixed. You should be able to register now using your account number and email. Please let us know if you have any problems. So sorry for the hassle – it looks like this is some type of rare issue in our system that the team is fixing.

I Joined Viasat internet service around November 2022 and I have never been able to sign in. Actually I may be signed in, but I get an error message each time (on the computer and App.).
I get the message. ! OOPS. We are unable to retrieve your account info. Please try again later.

By the way, I am registered.

WILLIAM Ferguson

Hi @user9 would you mind sending us a screenshot of the error you get? With that we can escalate it to the proper team.

Hi @user9 I noticed that on our system you don’t appear to have a username on file for https://my.viasat.com/ - are you getting the error mentioned when you try to log in? Or when you try to sign up?

Could you please try clicking “Don’t have an account? Sign up” and using your Viasat account number to create your My Viasat account?

Let me know if you need your account number, I can send it in a private message.

I have tried this before and it states that I am already signed up. I use my email address as my user name. fmferguson1@aol.com

I have called customer service several times and my case has supposedly been escalated, but NO ONE has helped resolve this frustrating situation.

I’m sorry about that experience, we will ask the My Viasat team directly. Thanks for the screenshot. I hope to have an update by tomorrow.

Thank you very much for helping me resolve this problem.

Hi @user9, the My Viasat team added your email address as your new username. Could you try logging in again (https://my.viasat.com/) and let me know if it works? Your old password should work, but if it doesn’t you might want to try clicking on “Forgot my password”.

YEAH!!! It finally work…Thank you. :grin:

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Is there any way that I can find out why I used 21.3 GB on Jan 6? I typically only use from 1 to 4 GB in 24 hour period.

How can I prevent this from happening again?

Hi @user9 ,

We can take a look at it once we receive your consent via direct message.


You have my consent to analyze my usage…

Thank you very much @user9 ,

We’ll be conducting an analysis and I will shortly return with more detailed results.