Account info will not load

Able to sing in to account, but account info will not load. Cannot access anything in account.

Hi @beercanfoursix,

Sorry about the slow reply. You mean that your My Viasat app won’t load when you log in?

  • What device are you using?
  • Can you please provide a screenshot of what you see after logging in?

With this info I can escalate the issue to our My Viasat team.



Yes, that is correct - My Viasat will not load after logging into my account.
Using a PC with Windows 10.
I am 85 years old and have no idea what a screen shot is or how to accomplish it.
What I see are wavy lines where info in the account should be and that’s all that happens.
I cannot see any info in the account or do anything in the account.
Any assistance would be appreciated. I have called Customer Service three times with no resolution.

Here’s the screen shot. No info loads.
We have logged to the account from another computer and two andriod phones with the same - result - can log in to account, but no info loads.
It appears to be blocked on the Viasat side.

Hi @beercanfoursix,

Thanks for the screenshot. I am escalating this to our My Viasat team and hope to have an update on Monday.

Hi @beercanfoursix, sorry about the slowness.

I just heard back from our My Viasat team, they said you should try again, it should be working now. Can you please confirm?



Yes, it works now. Pity it took two weeks and lots of phone calls to “customer service” to get it fixed. Someone should tell “customer service” that’s it not the customer’s device when the account won’t load and get the customer to the correct “team” to get the account working.

Hi @beercanfoursix ,

We’re sorry for your bad experience with support and thank you very much for your feedback! We’re always trying to improve our support so feedback such as yours is very important.