Accessing my outer

For some reason when I attempt to log into my router, it will not allow me do so. Why?


Just another member here. If you’re running a VPN disable it and try. VPN’s don’t seem to play well with some things here.


Hi @Alfredo_Ollivierre,

Can you explain to me how are you trying to access your router?
You can try accessing it by typing “” on your browser’s search bar.

Also, is it a third party router?

Thank you,

I need access to review my account. Me accessing my router should not be an issue. so with that said, it says router blocked. How can you get me into my router?

Hi, @Alfredo_Ollivierre,

Please send us a screenshot of the browser error when you access

I have not reset my login information so I don’t know why we are having problems.

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