93% of data used within 24 hours and I wasn't even home most of that time

I made a post in this forum last week and you guys were very helpful and at least tried to help with my issue. Unfortunately you work for a horrible company. Viasat stopped letting me post, sent back errors every time that I tried after a few days. Anyway, if you are in this forum it is too late to warn you about this company. I was told that the 100gb plan would be more than enough for my husband and I to watch tv in the evenings. That was a lie. The 100gb was gone in a week. I just started my 2nd month with Viasat yesterday the 24th. I watched 1 movie last night and was gone all day today. I got a notice this afternoon that i had used 93% of my 100gb of data. How can that even be possible? At this point I realized that I was dealing with a company out to get me to buy additional data and I am not doing that . I called tonight to request that they come and get this garbage out of my yard and now am faced with extra charges that were probably in the contract but I evidently did not see. Did you know that not only do I have to pay to get out of the contract even though Viasat did not give the service that I was promised? Fine, money well spent to get away from these folks. Now I find out that I have to take down the equipment and send it back. It was installed by their technician but if I want a technician to take it down it will cost me an additional $95 and if the technician or I damage it taking it down, I am liable for up to $300 for damages. I am sure that they will take this post down if it ever even goes up but I am taking screenshots for all my social media accts . I guess if I can prevent one person from making the same mistake that I have it will be worth the $500+ that I am going to have to spend to get out. Good luck

Hello @Southweststalls4u,

We understand your frustration and once again are sorry about this experience. Although you already decided to disconnect, our team can take one more look at your account, and see if there is anything we can do to help in this situation.

Like you said, 93 GB within 2 days is a lot, so we could start by running a report to understand what used up all that data. Is it ok if we do that?

Thanks and sorry again,


If you would like to you are more than welcome to look at it but after the horrible experience and the extremely poor customer service that I have received I will not change my mind about disconnecting. You have to know that it has been a really bad experience if I am willing to throw away $500+ just to get rid of them. Again, the only positive experience that I have had with Viasat is through this forum and I appreciate your time.

Hi @Southweststalls4u,

I understand, I see that most of this data that was used on Monday April 24 and Tuesday April 25 is categorized as HTTP-Bulk traffic (mostly from an Amazon Fire TV Stick). Do you have a TV with one of those?

I will escalate it to the proper team to better identify this kind of traffic. Hope to have an update later today.



@Southweststalls4u This unexpected large consumption looks like an Amazon Fire TV software update (either apps or the the Fire OS version itself). We are very sorry that this consumed so much of your monthly data. I wonder if we could have held on to you as a customer if we had a feature that you could enable where background downloads like these are de-prioritized (potentially slower on the network) but also do not count against your data cap.

We will not take this post down because we want to know about our customers’ bad experiences and to bring attention to them so we can design and build features and fixes that will improve things for the customers who do stay with us. Thank you for reporting it in such detail and we are again very sorry about your bad experience.

Yes, I have fire sticks on both of my tvs.

I appreciate your help. We have 2 homes and we have Viasat internet at both. We have Firesticks on all tv’s at both houses. The data problem is only at one of the homes and it is the home where we spend most of our time. I think that a feature where someone could deprioritize background downloads would be very helpful for your customers. The first step that I think that Viasat should address is their poor customer service. I have been on the phone with them quite a few times over the last 60 days but I can’t quite get over the man who told me, “You get what you pay for”. The man that I dealt with last night was not much better. The only times that I have felt like someone was interested in helping me was through this forum. I have not have one positive experience with Viasat when I have called. I was concerned about signing a contract but I was assured that 100GB should last me all month. I believe that Viasat should have said, “We are very sorry that we did not provide the service that you were promised” and release me from this ridiculous contract. I would have kept the service at our other home since we do not have a problem there but I am now done with Viasat and am looking for another provider. When I find one I will disconnect Viasat services at our other home as well. It has become a matter of principle. I realize that the loss of my 2 homes will not affect Viasat but I can only hope that by sharing my story I can stop my friends, family and followers from making the same mistake that I did. Thank you for the efforts that y’all have made and Viasat customer service might need a little training from you guys.


Hi Sheila,

It sounds like you’ve had a miserable experience – beyond just the background data “surprise” that we hope to remedy in the future. And then the cost to terminate adds insult to injury. Our team has no influence with respect to account and billing issues but we will at least ask for clarity on how your issues were handled.

Also, we recommend customers remove personally identifiable information from the forum. Would it be ok if I edit your last post and remove your last name?



Yes, please. Thank you so much.