DATA? This is crazy?

I don’t understand this sudden surge of data usage. We have never ran out of data and two months in a row no data? We were on vacation this month. I have never considered switching providers but I guess I will have to consider Starlink with the amount of money I am spending every month. No chat to help. I can’t keep doing this.

Hi @CKrussell,

I see that you are only at 100 GB out of the 150 GB limit on your new plan (which became active today). I also see that you purchased 20 GB of Buy More data (also today), out of which 10 GB have been consumed.

What prompted you to buy this extra data? Did you request this plan change?

Once we understand the account/plan part of this issue we can dive into your actual data usage to try to identify abnormal usage and provide some recommendations to save data.



Yes, my usage is horrible. We have never used up data. The 100 has been perfect for us and I have NEVER had a problem. As you can see, I have been a customer for years. I see many others are having the same problem so there is apparently an issue on your end. If I continue to run out of data each month I will ultimately have to switch providers, as I cannot afford $200 or $300 for a plan every month.

Actually, 10 GB of the Buy More data were purchased on June 24 and the other 10 GB today. So you did reach the 100 GB limit (in your old plan) on June 24 which explains why you purchased the Buy More on those 2 dates.

Starting today you are on a plan with a 150 GB data limit. Did you request this plan change? The cost per month is the same, so please don’t worry. I’m just trying to understand how this plan change happened.

Yes, it is ridiculous. We were actually even on vacation this month. I have never had this problem.

So you did request the plan change? Sorry for the confusion, I’m just trying to confirm.

I did, but I am not sure it will benefit me.

Hi @CKrussell ,

Thank you for confirming that information. Would you consent to us looking into your detailed data usage? We’d like to verify if there are any abnormalities in how your data is being used.


Yes, this is fine. I did download the APP to track it after this happened. Most of my data is TV and computer.

Hi, @CKrussell,

So, it looks like you found out the source of the data usage. If you want, as Leo mentioned above, we can give you detailed information on that.

You’re also part of the “data saver” feature experiment, so that issue with excessive usage during streaming might be solved.

I’m marking this topic as solved, but let us know if you need further assistance here.

Can you adjust the data on the data saver for my account? On my computer I am having difficulty even using grammarly in the background. I have been having issues with connectivity and slowness for the past couple of days. We are able to watch movies on netflix, etc. though. Or maybe it is me switching to a different plan? Something is slightly different. I have rebooted the modem multiple times. Can you check on this please? I never had problems with data saver in the past and always used it. Thank you.

Hi @CKrussell ,

I’ve made this new post in order to better track the new issue you are having, and will respond to you there. Hope that’s ok!