Here we go again

Viasat has decided to start misreporting data usage and for obvious reasons they don’t provide good tools to monitor. I have been a long time subscriber and have brought 2 other accounts to Viastat. Within the last month all of our data consumption has spiked. Mine hase been consuming 20gb per day plus with normal usage after being a customer for years. And to top it off I just found out I have been being charged for the wrong plan for sometime. Starlink here I come - and taking others with me!

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Hi, @bhctech,

Sorry for the bad experience.

We know we still have to improve regarding the customer-facing tools to monitor usage, and we are working on that and releasing new features frequently.

As for your usage, we can give you a complete analysis if you consent. After we have that analysis, we can find out any usage you don’t recognize.

Do you give us your consent?

About the issue with the plan, could you give us more details on that? We will check and fix any mistakes we might have done with you.


That’s exactly what I’m doing going to starlink I’m just waiting to check out a few reviews and see if it’s worth it but I’ve heard very very good things about them

You can run a report if you want, it’s information. And as far as the billing, last July I changed from the 150gb plan to the 100gb plan, they continued to bill me for the 150 plan even after the change. My wife pays the cc bill so it didn’t get caught. We shouldn’t have to audit Viastat’s integrity.

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Did more research, Viastat Shield told me that a WIFI plug consumed 16gb of data in the last 7 days. A WIFI PLUG! Really - not even sure that is technically possible.

Woke up this morning and another 9gb used from midnight until I woke up this morning by some phantom entity. Yesterday I unplugged most devices. Again, technically highly unlikely. Viastat ripping off it’s customers is only going to accelerate the shift to Starlink. You have made the choice easy!

Wow the plug ,that’s a new one . Screen shot all your activity w them.A couple of us from forum are gathering info for a C.A.L.SUIT.Let me know if interested and screenshot your TV buffering and everything else your “wifi plug” does .

According to their own tools a wifi plug consumed 13gb in less than a week - not technically possible. Yes glad to participate in any group action.

Great!.hold on to all evidence ,I’m not person to give it to.i will keep you posted.