150GB of data used when internet was out within 2 days

During the 18th and 19th of this month, 72GB was used on the 18th and 80GB on the 19th. I know this can not be correct, due to not being able to use the internet for most the day because there were server storms with much rain fall most all day both those days. The internet was down most the day. I also have and use Viasat Shield and turn everything to block when not in use to be safe. My normal usage is roughly 5GB a day except for the days I might download a new game through Steam. I also keep my devices turned off when not in use. I called and talked with your call support and they were no help. My data resets on the 24th but I keep an eye on it so I can enjoy it until the last day then do all my updates on the final day with remaining high speed and what slow “Standard Data” can put in. I had 10% of my remaining 300GB data just 6 days until reset. This “Standard Data” is just a joke, can’t even stream any video in the lowest quality possible with 1 hour buffing for 6 seconds of video clips. What in the world was able to use 152GB of data within 2 days. Not only that, 70GB of that data that the app says I used was in the “Standard Data” amount. I can keep EVERY DEVICE in my house downloading anything I can 24/7 for a month and with the amazing speed this “Standard Data”, it would take 2 months to get to 70GB. What gives? This is also not the first time I’ve noticed this happening.

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Hi @paranoidAndroid ,

We’re very sorry for that bad experience with your data. If you give us your consent to look into your detailed usage of data, we can check if there were any abnormalities there.


You got it, go for it.

Hi @paranoidAndroid,

Sorry about the slow reply.

I took a look into your usage and it looks like between the evening of July 18 and the morning of July 19 there were about 120+ GB consumed in the form of BULK downloads. I see about half of this traffic labeled as a “Play Station 5 gaming download” and the rest as “miscellaneous” but I would guess that it was associated to that gaming download since they happened together. Do you think this explanation makes sense?

I see that your data allowance was reset today, so the experience should be better now that you have 300 GB of new priority data.