Viasat took my data i did NOT use

My plan just renewed on the 24th. It is the 28th. It is saying I used 75% of my data already. A whooping 72.4 gb. And nothing done different, matter of fact, am usually playing fornite. But not played it in couple weeks. I have windows 10, my computer saying it not used more then 60gb in the entire past 30 days. Looking at the months prior. I only use 5gb to 10gb a day. Maybe 1 time a mon

th i use 15 or so if I update a game. But 4 days and 72.4gb is not correct at all. This has to be a mistake. Also even with unlimited until 100gb plan. I will watch youtube at 144p it still will freeze and bufferize. Sometimes i do speed test and getting around .25mps download and 5mps upload with around 630-800 ping. Can someone please help, this can not be right at all.

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Hi @Josephbeerbower,

I just added 30 GBs of extra data to your account while we troubleshoot your issue.

Is it ok if I take a look at your data usage in order to identify any abnormal traffic and to provide a recommendation based on that?



Yes you have permission

Hi @Josephbeerbower

Sorry about the slow reply.

I ran the report and the 72 GB on the first 4 days do seem correct.

The app that is using up most of your data appears to be Tubi TV. On average it is using about 1 GB per hour, but I can observe streaming for multiple hours per day. Does Tubi TV ring a bell? If it doesn’t, I can look into what devices are using this traffic.