Weak and slow internet connection

Hello, we are absolutely not getting the internet speed that we are paying for. Speed test on my computer shows 4.15 mbps download, and 3.27 mbps upload. Our Viasat account is for150 GB High-Speed Data each month, download speed up to 30 Mbps. We subscribe to HBO MAX and Paramount+. We cannot watch any of the shows on either one, due to constant buffering. The only computer that does OK is the one connected to the router by a cable. Something is wrong with our setup and connection, so please fix this problem asap, as we are totally getting ripped off by Viasat. We pay by autopay, on time every month, and are not getting what we are paying for!!!

Hi @charlestonsoon,

I’m really sorry to hear about your experience with the Viasat service.

Do you constantly experience bad speeds or does it happen at specific times of the day?

Also, to help troubleshoot your issue, can you run a speed test from your modem and share the result with me?
You can take a look at the following at the following tutorial: How to run a speed test from my modem?.

Please make sure to use the ViasatBrowser and log in with your MyViasat account so we can see the result of your modem speeds.

Thank you,

Attached is my speed test.

Hi, do you have any suggestions for improving our speed and connectivity issues? What other info do you need? Please respond, thanks.

Hi @charlestonsoon,

Upon checking your speed result I see a big difference between your modem and your
device speeds. You can see that your modem is actually getting up to 30Mbps (your advertised speed), but your device is only getting 3.5Mbps.

Can you explain a little bit more about your device distribution in your house? With what device did you run this test? Was the device using a Wi-Fi connection? If so, how far was it from your modem?

These questions should help me better understand your issue.

Thank you,

Yes, this is the problem. The modem is located in a back bedroom, used as an office. My husband’s desktop computer is plugged directly into the modem, so he has great internet connection. But, my laptop using WIFI connection is in my office is two rooms away from the modem. The TV that we use for streaming is in the living room is two rooms away from the modem. I ran the test on my brand new Dell WIFI laptop, which I use for work, and need a fast connection. It is very frustrating and ridiculous that we can’t get the service we are paying for. Please help.

Hi @charlestonsoon,

That makes sense. In order to validate this Wi-Fi issue, could you please run one more complete speed diagnosis (just like you did the last time) so that we can see if the discrepancy (between the download speeds on the device and the download speeds from the modem) persists?

Thanks for your help troubleshooting.


I ran the test, how do I forward it to you? Same as it was before.


3.5MbpsViasat99.196.236.47BrightspeedColumbia, MOAGAINBrightspeed

Speed From Your Modem

Hi @charlestonsoon,

To share that speed result with all the information we need can you try
following these steps?

1 - Log into SpeedCheck. Click on “Log In” and then select “Log in with My Viasat”

2 - Go to your results history page

3 - You should see a list of results on that page, click on the most recent one:

4 - You should be redirected to a page with all the details from that result. Click on “Share this result” . And click on the link that appears on the card.

5 - Once you click on that card the link to that result will be copied to your clipboard, you can paste it here on this conversation so we can access it.

Let me know if you have any doubts about that process.

Thank you,

Viasat Speed Check | Home


Viasat Speed Check | Home

Test and diagnose your satellite internet speed with Viasat Speed Check

](Viasat Speed Check | Home)
This is what copied from the clipboard when I shared the result and from result history. Can you see the test result? How do I download and attach it to the email?

Hi @charlestonsoon,

That’s it!

You shared with us the direct link to that specific test you ran,
now we can access it, we’ll analyze it and reach out back to you!

Thank you,

Hi @charlestonsoon ,

Since this is a strong indication of a Wi-Fi signal issue, an external router – such as the TP-Link AC1200 Gigabit WiFi Router - Archer A6 – could improve the Wi-Fi coverage in your house.

If you get that router or a similar one, the Wi-Fi coverage in your house would improve and the speeds on your devices could be as good as the speeds on your modem.