Viasat Shield Data by Device

We run 3 TVs, 3 cell phones and 2 laptops off either the 2g or 5g signal. Viasat Shield will show your connected devices and percent of total usage by device. As we are temp living in 2BR RV while rennovating an old farmhouse - I know our usage is split fairly even across 3 TVs.

However, V Shield reports 98 percent of All data ussge from one device. Doesnt matter if I wait 15 min for data to refresh. Ive even unplugged the 98 percent use device for 24 hours. V Shield still shows that device as same percent total usage.

Thanks for reporting this. Can we have your consent to look at your usage in order to root cause this issue?

Also, is it possible to share a screenshot that doesn’t expose your privacy? It will help us get quick attention from the Shield team if that is needed.

Peter. Thank you for volunteering to assist. Ill try to get some screen prints asap. Im not questioning our data usage. I know we use Web for all our TV usage and regardless of the device - its a priority for our son to have access.

Hi @RealJohnGault, sounds good, we’ll wait for the screenshots to continue troubleshooting this one