Slow Speed during evening hours and on weekend

I am consistently experiencing very slow speeds in the evening (1-5 mbs), and today, the speed is 1.6 mbs, which is very different than what the agent presented when I signed my contract (speeds will vary approximately 50%). As my contract is for 50 mbs, I am quite distressed. How can this situation be remedied?

Hi, @Dr.Kavros,

There is currently a problem affecting your service area. The team is already aware of and they are working to fix it ASAP.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. As soon as we have updates we’ll let you know.

Hi @Dr.Kavros ,

Our team has been working diligently on a fix for the issue, did you notice any improvement in your service?


The problems in the service area were remediated by Monday. Since then, download and upload speeds during work hours are fine. Speeds in the evening, however, remain 1-5 mps which are unusable for streaming. I see that earlier replies to this issue were that the slow speeds were due to congestion in the evening. This is not an issue that I can resolve on my end. I appreciate any help that Viastat can provide in resolving this problem.

Hi, @Dr.Kavros,

When you run a speed test in Viasat Speed Check, using the Viasat Browser and being logged in with your My Viasat account, we can see the results.

I could not find any of such results in our records, so I ask you to do the following:

  • When you see bad speeds, please run some tests in Viasat Speed Check. Please remember to use the Viasat Browser and log into the app with your My Viasat account.

I know running those tests is not the greatest experience, but it gives us more information on the problem and can help us fix it or recommend the best solution.

I have been running Viastat Speed Tests (now while using a Viastat Browser) in the evening, and they remain quite poor. The speed degrades every day at approximately 5 pm when my office hours end. How can you help?

Hi, @Dr.Kavros,

So, I was looking at this case but I could not yet find any issues in your equipment.

The bad speeds in the evening is probably caused by network congestion during the peak busy period.

During the peak period, we’d recommend connecting fewer devices to your network, not using VPN, and connecting your device via Ethernet cable if possible.

Also, if you run out of priority data, your traffic is not prioritized and you might see slower rates too, especially during the peak busy periods.

While we don’t have an immediate solution, our Viasat Engineers are continuously working to relieve congestion within our network so that you can expect improvements in the long term.


Thank you for following up. This explanation however is just not helpful. I was told when I signed the two year contract that speeds would vary up to 50%. I requested 50 Mbps/200GB a month, as well as office hours. Thus, far we have not even come close to exceeding our priority data, and each evening, since July, the speed runs pretty consistently between 2-10 Mbps. There does not seem to be a fair and equitable match between what I was promised and the end result. It would be so much more helpful if you could consult with management and provide a more fitting solution. Thank you.

Hi, @Dr.Kavros,

Just to give you an update, I’m looking at some options to improve the performance of your internet.

I’ll just need to confirm some details, but as soon as I have an update on that I’ll let you know (probably tomorrow).

Hi, @Dr.Kavros,

Sorry for the delay in replying. We just made some changes to your network to improve the congestion issue.

It might take up to one hour (from now) for the changes to apply. Please let us know if you see any improvements.