Password change

I cannot for the life of me change my Wi-Fi password every time I try to put the number they give you in my URL it doesn’t go to the right page please help

Hi @ashleyritchie1280

Are you trying to access your SB2 Viasat Modem interface, or your Aria Router interface?
I see that you have them both on this account.

Your modem is the one that looks like this:


And your Aria Router is the smaller device connected to it:

For the instructions to change the password on your modem, please see if you can follow this guide:

  1. Connect to your Wi-Fi network (you can alternatively do this with a cable connection to a laptop or desktop as well).

  2. Open up your Internet Browser of choice and type the IP address:

  3. When Prompted, log in using the following credentials:
    -username: admin
    -password: admin

  4. You should be able to change your network name and password, along with other settings, as can be seen on this screen:

After you’ve made the desired changes and saved them, the connection will be all set, and all you need to do is connect to it once more using the new credentials!

:warning: On another note, I see that your antenna has been mispointed for quite a while, and this may cause slow speeds, signal issues, connection drops, etc.

Are you able to self-repoint it using our Forum guide? (Linked below)

I also noticed you’re currently out of high-speed data.

If you use streaming apps a lot, you could be interested in our free Data Saver feature :slight_smile:

You can read more about it here (and sign up for it if you wish!):

Hi @ashleyritchie1280

Were you able to change your Wi-Fi password?

Please let us know if you cannot attempt the self-repoint so that we may request a service call for you.

Alternatively, you can also request a tech visit due to the antenna mispoint with Customer Care at 855-463-9333.

Hi, @ashleyritchie1280,

Is it ok if I ask the field team to contact you? As Nathalia mentioned, your antenna is mispointed. We can request a visit to fix it if you’re available to receive the technician.


Yes, that would be great if someone can come out, how much will that be?

Got it, @ashleyritchie1280,

I’ll request the field team to contact you. No charges for this visit.

Hi, @ashleyritchie1280,

I see that the tech visit was completed some days ago. How is the internet so far? Please let us know if you have any issues.


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