How do I change Wi-Fi settings on Surfbeam 2+ modem?

If you need to change the settings for the Surfbeam2+ modem, here’s a useful guide on how to do so!

If you do not know which modem you have, please refer to this forum post


  1. Connect to your Wi-Fi network (you can alternatively do this with a cable connection to a laptop or desktop as well).

  2. Open up your Internet Browser of choice and type the IP address:

  3. When Prompted, log in using the following credentials
    -username: admin
    -password: admin

  4. You should be able to change your network name and password, along with other settings, as can be seen on this screen

After you’ve made the desired changes and saved them, the connection will be all set, and all you need to do is connect to it once more using the new credentials!