WiFI name and password change

Unable to log into the Rotuer or modem to change Wifi Name and or Passoword, I followed on screnn directions with no success have call support and ended being hung up on when what i was trying was not working.

Hi @josh_kline2001

Sorry about the slow reply.

By on-screen directions, do you mean these: How to Change your WiFi Modem/Gateway Network Password?

I noticed that you have the add-on Enhanced Wi-Fi, so you’re probably using an ARIA Hitron Router, for which those instructions won’t work.

Do you recall the password that the technician who installed the ARIA used? The username is always cusadmin. You can access the Router page at

Whenever possible, please check also if your ARIA + Viasat modem setup is correctly configured, like this:

Keep in mind that any wired device needs to be plugged into your ARIA Router, and not the modem.