Modem Confusion?

Recently upgraded to new plan choice 50/100 (have had Evolution 25/20 ). With exception of a few short term internet outages am very happy with better speed and data caps. I am confused by the new equipment configuration, which the tech set up guy didnt quite explain. I have a new modem which I think is the +2 that I understand has a built in router. Also installed was an Aria 2210 #2 which I understand is a router as well. Due to my laziness, I also had the tech connect my TP/link router #3 as I had all my wifi devices linked with it . So routers in line from satellite connection are #1, #2 then #3.

QUESTIONS: are all three routers “active”? What is the reason for the addition of the Aria 2210? I’m able to have my wifi devices connected with my #3 router as normal but see I have an additional network “Viasat” that I can connect to. Not sure if that is #1 or #2 router but im thinking it is #2 is that correct? So, is the built in router #1 being by-passed via the Aria?

With exception of getting a totally white screen when I log in to the Myviasat app everything is workimg fine. However there have been numerous times with my old plan that I had to “reboot”, unplug or power down the router then unplug the modem and wait a few minutes. Now with three routers I am hesitant to start unplugging them when problems arise without creating more problems. Also do I need to have a secure network password on all the router? Currently have secure password for TP link router.

Thanks for your help.

Hi, @Oma,

Thanks for your message. Although the +2 modem has an internal router, it’s not ideal for that speed; that’s why you received the extra router (Aria).

When the modem is connected to the Aria router, it is automatically set to bridge mode. In other words, the modem stops its internal router and the Aria router takes care of that job.

If you have your TP-Link router working ok and want to use only this one, you can disconnect the Aria router from the modem.

I’ll investigate that error with the My Viasat app, but before I need your account number. I could not find your account details based on your email, so I’ll send you a direct message so you can provide your account number.


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Hello @Oma ,

Your modem is only able to push the Wi-Fi signal up to a certain speed limit, which can well accommodate the lower speed plans.

For customers who chose to increase their plan speeds, an ARIA2210 router was sent so that your Wi-Fi network could function with the maximum speeds our customers are paying for.

If you don’t need your Wi-Fi at maximum speed, you won’t encounter any issues, but should you want to have a faster Wi-Fi signal, you can re-install the ARIA2210 router.

Regarding TP-Link router, we recommend that you use your Viasat-provided router. If you wish to use your own 3rd party Wi-Fi router, Viasat will not be able to support that segment of your system, and you may not receive the correct plan speeds.

If in use, all wired devices need to be directly plugged into your ARIA2210 router.