Getting "Account suspended" message despite being current

I have not had internet going on 5 days now. It started with receiving a message saying my account was suspended due to not paying. After checking my bank and confirming I paid, I called the number given in the message. I spoke with a first person from Viasat who confirmed the account was current and didn’t understand why I was receiving the message. They tried to reactivate my internet from their end to no avail. They then escalated to another department who tried to manually reactivate the internet to no avail. They then created a ticket with corporate and said it would be 3-5 business days. I called today (5th business day) and was given the same answers and put through the same motions. A supervisor then got on the phone with me and told me it is beyond him why the system is acting like this and that they have now reached out to the software department. I was given a timeline of a further 3-5 business days. No one so far has been able to give any answers. Is this something that has been encountered before and if so, is there anything I can do or any pointers?


We are very sorry for this situation you are going through. I have found your account and case on our system, and the escalation that has been made is still in progress, I will try my best to speed it up so that we can get your service back online as soon as possible.


@user4 as we understand it, your account is back to up and running. Can you confirm? I believe they are still working to determine root cause and we can share that back here if others are interested. Very sorry for your bad experience!