About the Slow Speeds category

This category is for issues relating to speeds of the service. Slow speeds can show up in many ways – web pages taking a long time to load, videos freezing and having poor resolution, and also just a general feeling of lagginess.

Typically the first thing we do to understand the issue is to run one of two speed tests: 1) https://speedcheck.viasat.com is best for most cases as it includes the ability to run the test both from your device and from the Viasat modem and accounts for background traffic on the network, which frequently narrows down the problem, and 2) for video related problems we often recommend the user of https://fast.com because this speedtest uses Netflix servers and so is treated by the network as video so this speedtest often accurately captures the speed that is available for streaming video over your modem.

Beyond that, we will often ask if the issue is consistent or intermittent. A consistent problem with slow speeds might be a hardware problem or a problem of an antenna that is mis-pointed. An intermittent problem might relate to weather or congestion on the network. Intermittent problems are often more difficult to root cause and we have an article on the subject to help that you can find here.

Many issues relating to Slow Speeds only show up after a user has run out of priority data. For this reason it does sometimes overlap with Data Usage category so you might find issues reported their useful as well.

I am paying for 100 mb and getting 5 to 8 I need this for my employment since I do remote work. I just had this set up Tuesday. I would like to cancel and I will get another internet service. This will not work for my job

Hi @jjolley,

I created a separate topic to discuss your issue.

You can see it with this link: Slow speeds and plan cancellation

Thank you,

My speed test is 1.6 download and 0.3 upload if I’m lucky no other device in use cannot use on phone at all because my phones speed test is 16.4 download and 4.5 upload we can only stream Netflix sometimes on the roku prime doesn’t work half the time Hulu doesn’t work half the time this is while only having one single device online I have yet to have a speed test show me over 0.3 upload yet for this service

Hi @Lori_Winegarden,

I created a separate topic to follow up on your issue.

You can access it here: Slow speeds, cannot stream

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Hello everyone,

I’m experiencing slow speeds with my Viasat service and I’m hoping to get some help here. I’ve noticed that web pages take a long time to load, videos often freeze or have poor resolution, and there’s just a general feeling of lagginess.

I’ve run the speed tests as recommended. The speed check from my device and from the Viasat modem both show slower speeds than expected. I also tried the fast.com speed test for video-related issues, and it also showed slower speeds.

The issue seems to be consistent, not intermittent. I haven’t run out of priority data, so I don’t think that’s the cause.

I’d appreciate any advice or assistance on how to improve my speeds. Thank you!

Hi, @Lisa_Miller,

I created this new ticket to keep track of your message: Slow speeds with my service

I’ll update you on that new link.

Thanks for your message!