Data usage are just wow

Only Netflix and Disney allow data video changes. I’m so tired of having to watch data usage. There’s only 2 of us both work all day says tv runs while it’s off. Power was out for 12 hours I used the most data on that day for the month. Wt I can’t wait for something else been saving up for starlink. Viasat should give you the option to set bandwidth data quality on router. Any other router you can do this. My roku tv doesn’t give me the options change video quality but I have read most tvs do.

Hi, @Myhobie2015,

Thanks for your message.

We have the option of automatically decreasing the bandwidth for video downloads (streaming apps), you can learn more about it at this link: Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!

The Data Saver is still an experimental feature, so it does not work perfectly with all apps (like Roku’s NFL and Roku’s Philo); however, in most cases it works well. If you want to give it a try you just need to fill out a form ( and let us know here.

If you give us your permission, we can review your detailed usage information to find out the cause of the unexpected usage.